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Curtis Funk is the founder and CEO of Tukios, a software company providing websites, tribute videos and other tech platforms for funeral homes. A lifelong entrepreneur, he has spent the last 16 years providing products and services exclusively to funeral homes.

Curtis grew up in Ogden, Utah and graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelors in Professional Sales. While in college he was starting and running businesses. Curtis and his companies have received many awards including the National Funeral Directors Association Innovation Award, the "Coolest College Startup of 2012" from Inc Magazine, and the Young Alumni of the Year Award from Weber State University.


Curtis is recognized in the funeral industry as a thought-leader and has built a company with an impeccable reputation. He loves to golf, surf and mountain bike. He's immune to mosquitos, can play the piano upside-down and is married with 3 kids.

Curtis Funk

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